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We Are an Association of Independent Yacht & Boat Transporters and Transport Companies
All members of our association are in compliance with
U.S.D.O.T. regulations, Federal Motor Carriers Authority and Fully Insured.

We are Not Yacht and Boat Transport Brokers.

This association was formed in 1998 with the sole purpose of maintaining the highest degree of customer satisfaction by working directly with industry professionals who make an honest living transporting yachts, boats and specialty cargo.

Our service is unique in that we deal directly with our customers giving each person an opportunity to ask questions and get answers without waiting for a response from an automated system offering little or no information to your individual request.

We offer our transporters an alternative to dealing with transport brokers and the advantage of communicating with their customers directly to ensure that both parties stay informed from pick up to delivery and all points in between.

"We're changing the way business is done in the marine transport industry"